About Company

Our combined team has over forty years of law enforcement experience in the Southern California region. iticiti team has received multiple certifications for physical assessments by both Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency. Our diverse backgrounds has allowed us to form bonds and ties to the vast communities we serve. We conduct our assessments with the highest level of professionalism while maintaining a positive work environment that fosters the growth of everyone.

Our Assessments

Physical exterior

  • Parking lots and structures
  • Lighting/illumination placement
  • Closed Circuit Television locations
  • Physical barriers
  • Distress alarms

Physical exterior

  • Access ID readers
  • Secured Doors
  • Metal detector/ x-ray machine locations
  • Security officer posted placement
  • Camera locations
  • Limited access locations
  • Panic alarms

Why Choose Us

  • Designated “safe” locations
  • Best practices advisement for a safe work environment
  • External environment threats
  • Scenario based threats
  • Counter scenario advisement
  • Run, Hide, & Fight training

Mission Statement

Our mission and our paramount dedication to keep you, your associates, your facilities, and the people you care about most as safe as possible. We pride ourselves not only in our work ethic but also in our commitment to continuous training and education to provide our clients with a comprehensive thorough secured report.


Latest News

We strive to bring the latest crime trends and statistics giving our customers the situational awareness to combat against
possible future crimes.