Our Assessments

Physical Exterior

Parking lots and structures

Our assessment team will make designated locations for placement of distress panic buttons. Options for consideration for HVAC and CCTV locations.

Lighting/illumination placement

Better illuminate the location as well as placement and recommendation of lighting. A well lit parking lot and or structure can detour crime and safeguard patrons and employees.

Closed Circuit Television locations

The location of the CCTV cameras placement can mean the difference of identifying a potential threat or missing the opportunity to perceive that threat. Our team can recommend the best placement for such cameras.

Physical barriers

Physical barriers at certain locations can not only detour potential automotive borne threats but can also funnel traffic to meet your specific location or event. iticiti will make recommendations for such locations.

Distress alarms

Distress alarms let the local authorities know someone is in trouble and specific locations can make the difference of precious seconds in getting help. CAC will make sure these distress alarms are in locations where people need them.

Why Choose Us

  • Designated “safe” locations
  • Best practices advisement for a safe work
  • External environment threats
  • Scenario based threats
  • Counter scenario advisement
  • Run, Hide, & Fight training

Physical Exterior

Access ID readers

Knowing who’s coming and going at any secured location is crucial. Knowing where to put access ID readers is also crucial. We can help designate these locations and limit access to secured locations

Secured Doors

Our team understands that not all doors can or should be locked and secured but there are some locations that absolutely need to be secured. We can recommend which doors can suffice with a dead-bolt lock or which locations may need a higher level of door lock.

Metal detector/ x-ray machine locations

The placement of these devices is paramount to the safety of all people at the location as well as the location itself. CAC will make the best recommendation for the placement of these devices keeping in mind of safety as well as crowd control and flow.

Security officer posted placement

The placement of posted security officers can detour a potential threat just by their mere presence. Posted security officers can solidify the location and or event and help reduce threats.

Limited access locations

The facility and location may be open to the public but that doesn’t mean everything is open to the public. We can help identify locations that need to have limited access.

Panic alarms

Whether it be a reception desk, conference room, or executive office, panic alarms let the local authorities know that something is wrong and someone needs help ASAP. CAC can recommend the discreet locations of these panic alarms as well as unconventional panic alarms.